Music NFTsThe Music Industry has a problem: they don't know how to show music's intrinsic value anymore. A £10.99 streaming subscription gives us access to all the music in the world but often doesn't reward the majority of those creating that content in a meaningful way. There's a revolution taking place for art and music on the blockchain. The people, culture and community being built around this new market is very powerful. Thanks to the ability to verify ownership and origins of a piece and trace it back to the creator - provenance and connection are returning to the arts and helping them to thrive in the blockchain space.
The collections so far...
The UK's largest Music NFT collection!
Artifacts is a 1000 piece collection consisting of 5 original songs written and performed by Emma Miller.

This is the most gamified of Miller's releases so far and offers a world of experiences and connection, such as regular livestreams, exclusive vinyl, community music showcases and much more!
Meet Me on the Lake
'Meet Me on the Lake' might have been one of the first music collectibles to be played on BBC Radio! Thanks to the Roddy Hart show for shining a light on the NFT and to the collectors for supporting the track's launch on streaming.

This was the debut NFT to come from Emma Miller. It was released as a rare 10 piece collection.
The artwork is hand painted by the singer's mother, Lesley Miller.
In the Smoke
Selling out in under 30 seconds, this was Miller's first song on the web 3 platform "soundXYZ" back in November 2022.

The song is an etherial and slightly unnerving track written from the perspective of a woman trying to break free of the routine and path she's on.

Intricate production by Lucas Mendes
At the end of 2022, this limited 60 piece collection was the biggest drop to date for the Scottish artist and represented another step towards her work reaching a new web 3 audience.

'December' is a sweet, acoustic song that captures the feeling of winter and storytelling.
I.T.S (Eligh's Version)
Joining forces with LA hip-hop legend 'Eligh', the pair created a charity single in aid of the Hawaii Community Foundation. The song was released as an open edition, selling over 370 copies and raising $3000 for the charity.

Eligh's interpretation of 'In the Smoke' is most definitely worth more than a few listens!
In the Bleak Midwinter
The debut collaboration with fellow UK music pioneer, Josh Savage.

Covering a traditional Christmas Carol, the song was recorded at Josh's home studio in Berlin. The duo mapped out a piano part and began building harmonies and vocals together - all whilst streaming the studio session to some of Josh's top community members, who were part of the action.
NFT NYC - Main Stage 2023
In 2023 Emma took to the main stage at NFT NYC to share the story of how she found herself becoming a pioneer of the web 3 music scene. This year you can find her playing on the TokenTrax stage during the conference and hosting a private show for holders of her Artifacts Music NFT in New York this April alongside friend and peer Violetta Zironi.