Artifacts is a ground breaking music project that launched Emma Miller as one of the early pioneers of blockchain technology in music. It consists of 5 of her original songs distributed across 1000 digital artworks which buyers can collect and trade on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection also unlocks various levels of experiences depending on how rare the artwork editions are or whether certain traits (such as a 'Gold Dust' design)provide extra perks like free entry to Emma's headline shows.

This year marks the first ever Artifacts community event in Scotland. Upon collecting this exclusive utility, 25 of Emma's holders have been invited to join her for a bespoke weekend in the north east of Scotland where they'll be attending 'Emma Miller & Friends' at Gordon Castle, enjoying a VIP whisky experience and intimate live music sessions and more over the weekend.
Utility Overview:
Emma's 1000 piece Music NFT collection consisting of 5 original songs (named above) and distributed evenly across 1000 unique artworks created by Laura Whitehouse, Lesley Miller and Emma Miller.
Through the gamification of certain 'traits' (artwork elements), collectors can unlock certain experiences and exclusive claims depending on how many editions are collected and whether they possess rare or 'active' artwork traits.
Visit the collection market place on Opensea to explore the trait menus and read the breakdown of utilities on offer below and which traits activate them.
• Vinyl Claim (unlocked with 'gold dust' trait OR full 25 lyric set)
• Free concert tickets where Emma is the headline act (unlocked with 'gold dust' trait OR full 25 lyric set)
• Custom Song (only unlocked with 1/1)
• Songwriting workshop 2024 exclusive (just 1 NFT gets you on the waitlist for free!)
• Invitation to 'Artifacts Highland Getaway 2024' (5 Song set + 'gold dust' OR 'orb' trait. 'Silk Moth' trait is instant access)
• Council Membership for top collectors (be part of my team)
• Livestream with Emma (weekly for all holders)
• Pre-sale access to limited drops (for all holders)
• Handwritten Lyrics (closed claim)
• Access to song stems & remix collaboration (collaboration upon review for holders of full song set)
• Mini podcast episodes for each song (upcoming for collectors of the 'irridecent' trait)
Artifacts NFT Album AIRDROP
This was a free claim for holders who collected all 5 songs from Artifacts, earning them the 'Blue Album' edition with the full playable album within the NFT. The rare 'Gold Dust' trait qualified for an airdrop of the gold version of the album (with 5 song set).

All Artifacts Album NFTs have now been claimed